ProShift Profile:
Century Rider

Bio: 12x Tour De Tucson, 1x RAAM, 8x Tour De Colorado finisher

I love riding my bike. In fact, being on my bike is more comfortable for me than sitting on the couch. I’ve ridden thousands of miles per year for the past 15 years and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I average about 7 main century rides per season and put in 20,000+ miles per year on my bike!

ProShift works for me in the simplest terms — I can set my preferences, sit back, and relax! Well, maybe not “relax” but ProShift takes the guesswork out of my distance riding. When I’m doing centuries, ProShift just keeps me spinning and, again, I don’t “think” about riding, I just RIDE.

I watch my friends try to manually shifting their gears and I know they are wondering, “is this the right gear?” — especially during the late miles in a long ride or race. With ProShift, I KNOW I’m in the right gear… done.