ProShift Profile:

Bio: 2016 USA H1 National Gold Medal Champion Time Trial & Criterium, Silver Medalist Road Race. 7x Marathons & counting ….

I’ve been Handcycling for over fifteen years, but started competitive Cycling this year.  ProShift has drastically improved my speed and time.  When the difference between First and Third place is determined by seconds, I know ProShift gives me an advantage over using my previous manual shifting system.   ProShift automates the operation of my Handcycle and allows me to concentrate on more important aspects of the race.

I couldn’t imagine riding without it.

The problem was when going downhill, it was very difficult to change gears quickly enough to take advantage of the hill.  Then, when I had to do a hill climb, I ended up “rowing up the hill” and not be able to change gears.  When I got stuck in too high of a gear, there was no way for me to rotate the crank all the way around.

ProShift solved all these problems.   It seems to anticipate when I need to shift gears … especially when transitioning from a downhill to an uphill.  No more rowing.