ProShift Profile:
Road Racer

Bio:12 year CAT rated racer. Currently CAT2

Racing bikes is my life. I love to race but I hate training. I hate thinking about what to do, how long, whatever… but when it’s race time, BOOM… I’m out of the gate and off the front. So, I hired a coach a few years ago that tells me what to do during training. It’s much better since he gives me exact workouts but I still get distracted! Enter ProShift!!! I’m telling you, this is THE BOMB! I set it to what my coach tells me to, do what he tells me to, and just put the hammer down. I LOVE this thing. It’s also great for long rides where I have to keep in a specific wattage zone – ProShift is right there again keeping me spinning along.

I feel comfortable that ProShift will help me stay at my best performance.  When I need to break or follow a group, I know I can shift manually at anytime.  On race day, I feel like a rocket!