ProShift Profile:
Speed Trials

Bio: 2x participant in HPV competition in Battle Mountain, NV. Team members are students and staff at Plymouth University, UK.

We are student and staff at the Plymouth University, UK and run a handcycle racing team.  We’ve designed and built a streamlined vehicle with the aim of beating the World Speed Record for an Arm-Powered HPV.  Our work includes a range of athletes that use their arms as a means of powering the vehicle.  The challenge is to design a vehicle with the smallest form possible in order to optimize aerodynamics without compromising the athletes power output.

The ProShift Automatic Gear Shifting System is vital to the operation of the vehicle.  We require the athlete to have their hands dedicated to delivering as much power as possible to the handgrips on the crank without concern about gear shifting.  ProShift’s algorithm changes gears so seamlessly that the athlete can completely concentrate on delivering the maximum power.  We can depend on knowing the system will always be at the optimum gear – whether at the start line, or powering through the Speed Trial gates at maximum speed.

Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) competitions are held yearly in September in Battle Mountain, NV.