ProShift Profile:
Tricycle Rider

Bio: National and International Races 2009-Present. National Champion 5 times and 15 UCI podium finishes. 2012 Paralympic Games in London. 4x Challenged Athletes Foundation Million Dollar Challenge (620mi in 6 days). San Diego Hall of Champions.

I was a healthy, U.S. Navy Officer and a bicyclist, riding 200 miles a week.  However, on October 16, 2006, one month before my fourth deployment to Iraq/Afghanistan in five years, a massive stroke hit my brain and body leaving me unable to speak, use my arm, or walk independently.  I started riding a recumbent and in 2009, I returned to upright cycling with the addition of an extra wheel (tricycle).  I started with a 10-speed mechanical shifting system.  Then in 2014, I moved to 2×11 speed Shimano Dura Ace on my TT and RR trike.  Since I only ride with one hand/arm and leg, it required me to put both shifters on one side and make numerous changes while in motion.  The problem was when going through rolling hills or a group ride or a break in a race, it was very difficult to change gears quickly enough and it usually meant I was dropped.

ProShift solved all these problems.   It seems to anticipate when I need to shift gears, especially when transitioning rapidly before a break could develop.