ProShift Profile:
Triathlete/Time Trial – TRI/TT

Bio: 2x National Sprint AG Champion. 5x Ironman finisher. 12x 70.3 finisher.

I’ve been racing triathlons since 2002, every distance from sprint to Ironman.  For me, Triathlon is my life! I love the training and planning aspect. I love to compete. I love just being out there early on race morning and accept how my day goes. One thing is for sure, I love the technology of this sport.  Triathletes are at the cutting edge of technology – starting with the sport itself, it’s unique. I can think of the aero bar, clip in pedals, smooth skinned wetsuit, anything “aero”, tri-specific shoes and more that can all be traced back to triathlon! No other sports adopts new technology faster than Triathlon.

This is why I love ProShift! It is the next generation of shifting for my new SRAM eTAP system! My main goal in training is to keep at my prescribed wattage that my coach sets for me. He tells me how many watts for how much time, I listen … it works. So does ProShift – I set it up to my personal profile and don’t really think about it anymore during training and racing.

I also use ProShift for my longer races like 70.3 and full Ironman – again, just set it to my race requirements in terms of wattage and cadence then I simply settle into my pace and know I’m in the right gear for the duration.